HSIA Profile

The Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) was established in 2005 to represent the semiconductor, micro- and nano-electronics and embedded systems industry in Greece. It initially had 13 industrial members. Today, it brings together 47 industrial members and 28 universities and institutes.

Our industrial members range from small start-ups to subsidiaries of multinational corporations, with the majority being rapidly growing SMEs, serving parts of the microelectronics supply chain. Several members are either VC-funded or corporate-backed by companies with an international presence.

The products and services of our members vary from design to IP licensing, to embedded and EDA software to manufacturing. HSIA customers represent markets such as multimedia, defense, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things..

Our vision is to promote the Hellenic high-tech ecosystem in microelectronics, smart sensors and the Internet of Things. Being located in Greece, HSIA represents a convenient hub offering access to Europe, Middle East and Africa serving as a gateway to the region for companies located in the USA or Asia. As part of the European Union, Greece offers an attractive environment for those who wish to benefit from the stability of the Euro-zone combined with long-term development prospects and the safeguard of the EU professional practices and regulatory framework.

Our mission is to represent the interests of the Greek microelectronics industry and serve our members to build their business. We are committed to (1) promoting the innovation and competitive edge of the Greek microelectronics industry (2) advancing collaboration with stakeholders (3) enhancing synergies amongst our members to create scale.

The backbone of HSIA is our people, with their “versatile minds” as well as the depth and breadth of their science and engineering capabilities. Many of our engineers hold a PhD or a Masters degree from well-known institutions. Several have worked abroad and practically all have experience in working with multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary project teams, in which they have been recognized for their commitment to innovation and problem solving. In fact, it is exactly that unique “system level thinking” that our people carry by nature and by educational culture which enables them to identify the technological and process bottlenecks and develop innovative solutions. This agile approach has led to several success stories and technology breakthroughs. And that is what makes our companies a trusted and dynamic partner with a competitive value proposition and a great growth potential.

HSIA recently joined the Industrial Internet Consorium (IIC), thus becoming the only Association in Greece to actively take part in the international IoT scene. This enables us to take part in forming the IoT scenery of the future, representing our members the best way possible. 



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